November 2007 Press Release


The Paddy Mummery Collection


Over the next two months we will continue to disperse this large and varied collection. First under the hammer on 27th November is part two of the Maritime Collection, highlights include a collection of fascinating ephemera from the long closed offices of the Union-Castle Steamship notable amongst Board Room Minute Books, correspondence and ships logs are the Shipbuilder's specifications for the "Warwick Castle" and "Windsor Castle", Clan Line Earnings Book No 5 March 1940 to June 1948 with entries including shipments of crated Spitfires and Hurricanes to India and "one dog and four canaries for Natal".  One of the most emotive items in the sale is a beautifully cast brass pennant of the White Star Line most likely removed from a ship's Lifeboat, it is stamped "4" and who knows could have come from the "Titanic" it is estimated to sell for between 700 and 1000. Other unusual items from the seven hundred lots under offer include a fine contemporary sailor's model of the HMS "Exeter" made famous by the Battle of the River Plate and the "Graf Spee". A pair bronze chain links from minesweeper HMS "Northcoates" sunk in 1944 are priced at 40-50. A fine pair of Bassett-Lowke waterline models of the RMS "Mauretania" and "Majestic" are expected the sell for 300-500.


On the 12th December we will be selling part two of the extraordinary collection of walking sticks and canes, Paddy started collecting these just after the war and the  collection now numbers some 3000 examples. In the sale we will be offering sticks as diverse as a cane with hidden drinks flask, antique sword sticks, swagger sticks, rustic, natural wood forms, animal and caricature types and ethnic carved sticks to suit every taste. Estimates vary from 100-150 for a fine cane to 50-100 for a collection ten various gents sticks.


Ebay Live Auctions will host our internet only auction of Paddy's collection of medals, badges, lapels and commoratives, these are a most interesting group and deserve lotting individually so collectors can just buy the single rare item that has escaped them for so long. The great advantage of selling this part of the collection on Ebay is that every item can lotted on its own, and will finds its value, even if it is only a few pounds. In the old days of the traditional auction it would just not be practical or cost effective to offer these items. Choice morsels here include silver enamel Gold Coast Police hat badge, Palestine Police plate spoon, brass Royal Automobile Club 1907 cap badge, enamel NDL (Nord Deutscher Lloyd) lapel brooch and enamel brass Imperial International Exhibition London 1909 brooch.


For further information please contact Patrick Bogue on 01258 488838